Product variations: 

Works with air as cooling agent through contact with a large and varied surface. Suitable for refluxing of even relatively low-boiling solvents such as methylene chloride, ether or pentane. Heat-bath (oil-bath, heating block, etc.) temperature has to be suitably set to adjust solvent vapor condensation in the lower quarter of the condenser. Tube-width 26 mm, surface with multiple indentations to increase surface area and vapor mixing for efficient heat exchange, total length of all five tubes ca. 800 mm. Has a central drain tube at bottom to return condensed liquid in center of tube as drops; this may be of importance when used in extractors where liquid must collect in thimble, rather than flowing down walls. Joints 24/40.


For single-tube model see Vigreux Condensers.


The use of this condenser provides several advantages over water-cooled models:

-No accidents by flooding caused by

-detachment of water hoses from normal reflux condenser

-stoppage of water flow by water pressure change

-No water consumption

-No power consumption (as with a re-circulating refrigeration unit)

-Due to its shape cannot roll off lab bench when set down, e.g. during assembly or sample removal

-Light weight, allows for assembly without great top-heaviness

-Easy fit in height-restricted hoods due to its small height (< 30 cm)

-All-glass apparatus, therefore no corrosion as with metal blocks or metal sheeted air-condensers in the laboratory

-May be cleaned and dried as other glass apparatus