About Nordland-Glas


Nordland-Glas provides laboratory glassware and other accessories for work in the chemical laboratory, designed to make chemical synthesis and isolation easier  compared to many conventional set-ups. Our designs make use of air as a coolant in condensers, allow to make some gases which are conventionally delivered in steel bottles under pressure or are notoriously corrosive (e.g. HCl always corrodes  valves), Furthermore, Carius tubes allow to run reactions at elevated temperature, obviating the need need of a coolant in a refluxing condenser, as well as low temperature in a completely anhydrous environment. Our cylindrical flasks provide  more efficient stirring in heterogeneous reactions than round-bottom flasks, thus replacing in some instances a mechanical stirrer.

Check back with us frequently for innovative new products.  Some of our most popular products include:

  • All-glass air-cooled condensers. They may be used in conjunction with our novel design for a water separator usable  for carrier solvents lighter and heavier than air. No cooling water necessary.
  • A new design of Carius tubes  in heavy-wall glass which allow to run reactions under absolute exclusion of the environment. No coolant is necessary for reactions in Carius tubes. Corrosive, toxic or sensitive chemicals may be stored or generated and kept for withdrawal through vacuum condensation or transfer by syringe. A Carius tube has been used, e.g. for generation of phosgen from diphosgen or drying of bromine.
  • Cylindrical reaction flasks of various sizes which are advantageous for heterogeneous reactions and may substitute for a mechanical stirrer due to the better mixing features in these flasks as compared to round-bottom flasks.
  • Various funnels and filter aids. With our funnel for rapid charge of chromatography solvent it is possible to leave the surface of the column stationary phase practically undisturbed.
  • Apparatus to safely generate gases in the laboratory, (e.g.HCl, Cl2).
  • Surge vessels of various sizes (up to 5 l) with attached coldfinger. These surge vessels may be used in conjunction with a vacuum line for storage of gases, measuring of gas volumina as well as gas phase reactions.
  • Accessories to vacuum lines as well as vacuum lines with minimal space demand and convenience of use have been designed.
  • Vacuum Line with dual use of gas quantitation. Compact, space-saving design with v = 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 l, manometer ang gas gauge attachment, as well as 3  valves..

Our all-glass laboratory equipment as well as modifications of existing designs originate in years of laboratory practice where shortcomings of some set-ups and designs, as well as the need for some unavailable glassware became apparent. Our products are made by experienced glass blowers who have long worked in the area of laboratory glass blowing. 

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